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Hacking Identity Theft: Entry Points, Tools and Prevention

Before computers and before what has become the ubiquitous connectivity of modern-day life, information was much scarcer. Identity thieves had to work a lot harder to uncover their victim’s details; however, once they found what they wanted it was often much easier than it is today to get away with the crime. The emergence of […]

Will My Low Credit Score Ruin My Chances for a Job Offer?

I recently heard from Arianna, one of my readers who has been waiting for what seems like forever to finally get a job offer. And now after several great interviews and even better feedback, she’s finally in the home stretch…they’re ready to make an offer. All she has to do is wait just a little […]

Annual Cost of ID Theft and Data Breaches in U.S. Reaches $25 Billion

After a string of high-profile data breaches and cyber thefts this past year ranging from the tens of millions of compromised credit cards swiped at Target to the 145 million user accounts at EBay more and more companies are beginning to take cybercrime more seriously. Large firms are investing more into their IT security protections […]

How Identity Theft Ruins Lives (One Man’s Story)

Identity theft takes many forms and can affect your life in many ways. Possibly the most common and familiar form is financial identity theft. Each of us has an interest in protecting our identity, but when we protect our personal information, we are not just protecting our credit. Whether we realize it or not, we are also protecting our […]