When Looking at People Online Becomes a Problem

Just about everybody these days has a social media account or some sort of internet presence. This has been one of the many perks that the rising usage of the internet has given people. Along with large companies that enable social interaction came the connection of people in a more convenient way. But despite the great gift to society in the form of social media, it can also become some sort of a curse in the form of shady people who stalk others, and can even go so far as to cause problems and terrorize their “victims”. Here are a few points to check if it is just casual social media participation or active stalking.

More than just viewing

More often than not, most stalking, especially online stalking, starts out innocently and harmless. It usually starts out as just adding a friend on a social media. It may or may not be an acquaintance of the one being added. A little viewing of the photos and posts are harmless enough but sometimes it becomes a little more than that. Obviously, viewing of profiles on social media is normal, and of course, is what the social media sites are for. But there are moments when there’s a subtle difference between casual viewing and actual stalking. A lot of people tend to have stalkers they just barely notice. The people who stalk are those that end up liking posts and photos from years ago or so.

When viewing social media accounts, it is necessary to keep in mind that even in the internet, people are entitled to their privacy. Even though a picture or a video or a post exists in someone’s social media profile, that doesn’t mean that it should be viewed or read. Casually viewing profiles of one’s friends list is socially accepted when it’s not bordering creepy territory.

 A fine line between making friends and making people uncomfortable

The rise of social media sites has made it incredibly easy for people to make friends and communicate without much hassle. This is something that a lot of people end up abusing. When using such sites, it is very much encouraged to interact and speak with people. Sometimes though, people tend to abuse this. There are times when chatting with people can come off as unsettling and even a bit creepy. Though getting to know a person through chats and befriending in sites is the main goal of social media, it is also important to know that there are things that should not be discussed in a chat box or a site.

Private and personal questions should be avoided so as not to come off as a little too direct. There are a lot of people that feel harassed with people who do not even realize what they are doing or don’t realize that it is wrong. One should know the boundaries when it comes to socializing on the internet, and that definitely includes not being too clingy or pushy when in active conversation with someone.

What not to do on social media and on the internet

There are a lot of things that can be done on social media sites that are present nowadays. The things to be sure to note are those that one should not do. Such examples involve looking up addresses for the sake of keeping track and even surprising them with a visit. Also, trying to get access to private photos and videos and posts is a serious no-no and should not be a behavior of a socially normal person.

It can be very tempting to sometimes tiptoe between the lines of normal and acceptable and outright stalking, but it is really not such a good idea. If good courtesy towards other people online is maintained, and their rights to privacy are respected, the social media environment and even the whole internet would be a safer place for all people to enjoy.

Also, recognizing things that are not normal in terms of looking at other people online is one of the most important things that one should remember whenever logging onto the Internet. When avoiding these unhealthy habits, one should note that it is also avoiding potentially serious problems.

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