People Battle to Regain Online Privacy

The internet has been the battleground of some of the most controversial issues plaguing society nowadays. Though it has been such a wonderful place to spend time, many people who have spent a large amount of time on the internet have noticed that they have been subjected to breaches in their rights, not only as users of the internet but also in their personal rights to have their own privacy. Yes, there has never been a shortage of the violation of privacy where the internet is concerned. There have been many times when people who have not done anything wrong have been victimized by organizations and have just had it with the constant violations of their rights to privacy. People are now getting more organized and  intelligent about their plight to regain their internet freedom and privacy.

When online freedom is threatened

It is no secret that the internet is not exactly the safest place to store private and personal files, etc.-but it should be. As long as one is not breaking the law, and they are posting and saving files in their own profile, there should not be a fear that it could be used against them. But despite that, there are still a lot of instances where people tend to have their privacy threatened and violated. Even celebrities get their social media accounts and even online storage files hacked. A lot of commotion and problems arose from people breaching the privacy of other people on the internet.

Almost no protection to be found

Not so long ago, there was a big issue regarding online privacy when a whistle blower revealed that the National Security Agency was watching the online activities of people online. Though the government had a good reason to do this, a lot of people still felt uncomfortable having the government looking into their supposedly private information and online activities. There are also those who complain that the big companies where they entrust their files and posts are also being paid by other big companies to provide their details, such as email addresses and phone numbers, which they feel are clear violations of their privacy. In line with this, people online are now looking into fighting the battle themselves and not relying on other people to keep their privacy safe.

Things that can be done

So what exactly can the people do to defend and protect themselves? There are those that buy anti-malware and anti-virus software that help to protect them and their files. There are also people that employ the services of secure online storage systems that have near-impenetrable security. With this, people get a little more security than before. Now people are also learning to use the internet more wisely than before. Statistics show that most of the malwares and the viruses are acquired through poor searching practices. Because of this, making use of safe searches and search engines that are trustworthy, people are now regaining, little-by-little, a semblance of security in their usage of the internet.

Reclaiming online privacy-an ongoing fight

In spite of the protesting and the lobbying to legislate new ways to protect people from online privacy violation, the world is still sadly not without breaches in online privacy. But despite this fact, there are a lot of people who have banded together and have organized themselves to be able to stand up and have their voices heard and have their fears abated. With the improving technological safeguards these days, and the rising awareness in the battlefield of keeping the internet a safe place, there is development to be seen. Because the battle is not entirely won, it is an ongoing fight.

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