The Webcam Hacking Epidemic

For the past few years, hackers have been using webcams to spy on people in their offices and homes, wherein, the usual target of these hackers are young girls. Basically, they send an Internet virus that allows them to enter the victim’s laptop or computer without her knowledge. The process is popularly known as “ratting.” From this, they turn on the victim’s webcam and invade their privacy from their own homes.

Usually, they trick the victims by downloading a piece of software to the computer, and it’s often done via an email link. This link could be in the form of pictures, music, videos, celebrity stories, and even diet tips. Once the victim clicks on it, the virus will be automatically downloaded and installed in the system. This gives the hacker a full access to the personal files and hard drive of the computer. Through this, he can control the victim’s computer, wherever he is, as long as he has a connection to the Internet.

Here’s the most popular scary cases of hacking that happened just recently.

Hacker sends women creepy pictures of herself through her webcam

In Toronto, Canada, Chelsea Clark and her boyfriend often end the night having a Netflix marathon on his laptop. However, last July 29, 2015, something weird happened.

Logging into Facebook the following day, Chelsea got a message from an anonymous account where the person sent a series of photos of her and her boyfriend the previous evening and it was taken from the laptop’s webcam.

Terrified, Chelsea’s boyfriend called the Toronto police.

Although this case isn’t something new, Clark’s case is seemingly absurd. Basically, the images were taken from their laptop, and the couples claimed that they never used it. It’s only for video games and Netflix marathons.

Likewise, her Facebook privacy settings are set to private, so that only her friends can message her. So, basically, the hacker managed to be a part of her friends list, allowing him to send the pictures.

According to the police, the context suggests that the perpetrator knows the couple, or someone who exerted a lot of time and effort to understand the relationship of the two.

The Facebook profile of the hacker is now deleted and there isn’t any way to figure out his identity, because he was using the screen name, “Mahmoud Abdo” which is quite common, and likely fake. As for his profile picture, it was Heath Ledger, but before that, he was using weird motivation sayings. The user’s location was in Egypt.

Up to now, the couple still has no clue how their computer was accessed. There are no viruses, and everything was normal.

A chilling case of “sextortion”

Although this case may sound like a plot for a scary teen movie, it actually happened and the victim isn’t just one, but dozens, and most were adolescent girls.

The hacker was a 31-year-old Californian man who was arrested in June, 2015, after two years of investigation. Apparently, this hacker has utilized a malicious code that infects the computer of the victim. He uses this code to search for explicit pictures and download them as a way to extort more pictures through blackmail.

In most instances, the hacker posed as a young woman’s friend, sister, or classmate sending an email with attachments asking the victim to view the scary video.

Due to the fact that the message appeared to be from a reliable source, the victims usually click the attachments without thinking twice, and once they do -the virus secretly installs itself, giving the hacker full control of the victim’s computer.

However, that’s not all. The hacker used the same method to spread the virus through social networks affecting hundreds of computers. What’s devastating about this case is the fact that the ‘hacker’ is not even a computer genius, but someone who managed to find a way of how to get into a person’s computer through the help of a program.

The only mistake that this hacker did was that he tried to contact the victim -if he hadn’t, he could have done this forever and no one would be able to trace him.

Computer technician installed peeping software on women’s computers: police

This photo provided by the Fullerton (Calif.) Police Department on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 shows Trevor Harwell.

This photo provided by the Fullerton (Calif.) Police Department on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 shows Trevor Harwell.

In Fullerton, California, an Orange County computer repair technician was arrested. This man had been installing spyware on laptops which allowed him to capture images of women undressing and showering.

Trevor Harwell, a 20-year-old computer technician of Rezitech Inc., had been installing a computer program that can take full control of the webcam on his client’s computer.

The software sends a fake error message telling the user that the internal sensor must be repaired as soon as possible, and the way to prevent this from happening is by placing the laptop near hot steam for several minutes.

So, the error message requires the victims to bring their laptops into the bathroom while they shower. Having access to the computer, he’ll then take photographs of women showering, or getting undressed.

As the authorities investigated this case, they discovered that Harwell was also using a program called “Camcapture.” It stores photos on a remote server which he downloads into his computer afterwards.

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf being watched



Even celebrities can be victims of hacking too. Miss Teen USA shared her horrific moment as she opened an email containing nude photographs of her that were taken via webcam without her knowledge, from a hacker who was working in her school.

According to an interview, Wolf had been stalked for almost a year by her old classmate Jared Abrahams. This guy had placed Blackshades malware on her computer, giving him full access to it.

What happened was Wolf received a strange email that had a number of photographs of herself naked. The perpetrator demanded high resolution photos, videos, and a private show on cam or he would reveal these images to the public – threatening that he’d ruin her beauty pageant career.

It was very traumatizing for her, but she didn’t let this hacker manipulate her. She did everything to catch her former classmate and make him pay for the crime he committed.

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